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Most of my art work is an result  of multiple days, sometimes even weeks... off self reflecting thoughts and of course, many hours of artisanal labour. In fact it are multiple layers, caught on one sheet of paper. From start to end it is a story of emotions, feelings  and awareness. Just  until my hands are not directed by my feelings anymore. And than...than it is done !

To share

So my art mostly needs many weeks to complete, being constantly involved with my  sub-concience, that guides my hands  in the making.

Fore that reason, my works are all rather costly, as they are unique works of art. To share  the emotions embedded in the process, I make also low budget posters  of my favorite works. Just to share it with you.....


On-line webshop

See the online webshop for all posters by Harm Kuijers.

Pricing : € 27,50

Dimensions :  50x 70 cm

heavy art print paper(satin gloss)

send by Post /DHL € 4,50

send international  € 7,50

send within 2/3 days, delivery depending on destination


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"Ieder kind is een kunstenaar.

De moeilijkheid is er een te blijven als je groot wordt."

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Pablo Picasso

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