This research is a message whose central purpose is meditation.
A meditation on the current planetary configuration of the Solar System
and the history of our biological cosmic origins. This meditation will be facilitated
if those who are reading this text can relax and spend their reading time with serenity.
Therefore, the Readers are bewitched not to skip chapters that may seem
linguistically too technical. A deeper meaning is given to why several sequences
of etymological details have been placed here. It is very likely that certain passages
will catalyze something powerful within you. I am open to your remarks as well as
your questions, ready to answer if there are any and if I find myself in a position
to do so. I do not know everything, but I search because investigation is part
of the nature of my soul of which a few living reminiscences inscribed in other
time-spaces simultaneous to ours, have been identified and exposed
to the disposition of my analytical mind.


Most scientists consider the Asteroid Belt to be composed of remnants
of the primitive Solar System that never formed a planet.


The asteroid belt is a relic of the early Solar System. While planets formed
by accretion [agglomeration of matter], the area between Mars and Jupiter was
affected by the orbital resonances generated by the gas giant planet, which
limited the accretion phenomena : the acceleration of the planetesimals produced
many collisions and these disturbances prevented the formation
of a planet in this orbit. [ ]


This information therefore belongs to traditional scientific speculation that does
not even include implications of quantum aspect. Such information is part of
the stubbornly restrictive Newtonian tradition that states that the universe
is material and mechanical and that time is continuous and linear.


I offer another speculation in which Thought regains its rightful place
in the cosmic history of the Universe from which the possibility of the existence
of a very ancient intelligent humanoid species in the Solar System is not excluded.
This species could have understood the origin of the Asteroid Belt better than
we do today. My research will be marked partly by linguistic and iconographic
references to the Egypt of the pharaohs and essentially by the Sumerian
archetymological reference which, in this study, proves to be unavoidable.
Intrigued Readers are invited to see the beginning of my article
"The Orion Constellation" where they will find a clarification
of why I am acting in this way.


The Egyptian term Akh means 'radiance burst'. Akh-Akh, as a plural, will mean
'radiance bursts'. The Sun touching a coomb between two hills is an iconographic sign
in the form of a hieroglyph which is pronounced [Akht], sometimes transcribed
phonetically [Axt] or [Aꜣt]. When you look at this hieroglyph upside down, the Sun
below touches a hill above, which is not meaningless if you consider that this hill
could be located somewhere in the sky and therefore, as a fragment,
could belong to one of the planets in our Solar System.


Encoding certain messages upside down is here an optical process that, sometimes,
can be used for several reasons. Some of these reasons are those of necessity
to communicate them only to appropriate recipients. In the Udjat or Eye of Horus,
the vertical line running downwards, called "falcon's spot" is Deshret, also
transcribed as Dešret pron. [dšrt]. It represents the red crown upside down.
This crown is that of Lower Egypt, the seat of Isis. As for the goddess Nut
(or Nout for French speakers), pron. [nwt], she is sometimes doubled
(as on a fresco in the tomb of Ramses VI), so that this goddess is able to look,
protect the sky also from below, thus upside down. We will return to Nut later.


The word Akh[]t reflects the Particle-Horizon relationship, and hence
a basic element of quantum physics. In this word, the root Kh[u]t(i) with
the variant Kh[e]t transcribed ꜣḫ ꜣḫt (where ꜣ = kh), means 'horizon' and could also
be used in the idea of the Horizon of Events with what exists beyond this horizon :
a particle is in its horizon, this horizon being a particle in a larger horizon.
The word A'akhet means "[Seasonal] Nile Overflow". The Nile is here the metaphor
of Life and the overflow has its synonymous equivalents in the words :
unleashing and disruption. A'akhet also designates "The region of the sky in which
the Sun lingers just before rising or setting". Thus, this region suggests a horizon.
A'akhet also means "A spirit of death".
What does for example René Lachaud say about it ?


"The Akh [...] conveys ideas of sublime radiance, brilliance, clarity, the innate luminous
spirit of matter [...]. 'A father is Akh for his son, a son is Akh for his father',
says the [Egyptian funerary] ritual of the offering. [...] 'Akh, you are within
the A'akhet', says a formula from the texts of the Pyramids." René Lachaud
in L'Égypte ésotérique des Pharaons, Éditions Trajectoire, 2008.


So Akh is contained in A'akhet, which is obvious in the linguistic, metaphorical
and quantum aspect, since the idea of doubling is right there : 'A father is Akh for his son,
a son is Akh for his father'. A real puzzle ... What does this all have to do with
the Asteroid Belt ? The celestial representation of the stellar goddess Nut
looking down on our world has always intrigued me, my intuition telling me that
Nut was a historical character. Could she have been linked in any way
to the Asteroid Belt ? If so, then why ?


Nut in Re'enKemet, which is the language of the pharaohs, means 'sky', 'stars',
also 'cows' and by extrapolation 'Milky Way'. The hieroglyph designating Nut
is a half-cross with a star, this symbol being pronounced [Nt].


Let us now turn to the Sumerian language and the semantic deciphering of terms
relevant to our investigation. It's archetymologically justified and very interesting.
It is possible to decompose the word Nut (or Nout for French speakers) into
the following Sumerian morphemes : Ní, Ne4 - 'anguish tinged with respect' ;
Nu11 - 'light', 'fire' ; Ù - 'sleep' ; U3 - 'fight', 'protest', also 'rending', 'tears' and also
'bending [from above]' (!) ; Ud, U4 - 'storm' ; Nud - 'sleep', 'kill'. Sometimes it is
possible to alternate the phonemes N and M and often the phonemes D and T.
Let us add that the Sumerian word MUD means 'dark' and 'to give birth', which is
phonetically close to Mi meaning 'dark' and 'night'. A curious fact : the Mihi
(where -hi is a long i) in the Hopi language designates night. Now : the English 'Mud'
or the Dutch 'Modder' refer also to 'clay', while respectively Mother, Moeder or
of course Mater in Latin are the equivalents for 'Mother'. The Christian doctrine
states that humans were created from mud, clay ... Is this a coincidence ?
The goddess Nut or Nout is our 'Night' in English, 'Nuit' in French, 'Natë'
in Albanian, 'Νύχτα' [nýchta] in Greek, ည [ny] in Burmese, ميت [mayit] in Arabic,
'Noct-is' in Latin, 'Nacht' in Dutch and German, 'Noc' in Polish, Ночь [noč]
or [notch] in Russian and so on, is it still a coincidence ?
Just listen to your own intuition.


We mentioned that Nout pron. [Nt] also means 'cow'. This term is therefore
closely related to the most important nutritional liquid : milk. In Burmese,
milk is referred to as နို့ [nhoet]. In Greek this word is Γάλ-α [gal-a].
In Sumerian, the word Gal means 'a large cup' and also the qualifying
adjective 'mighty'. Its homophone Gal4 or Gála means 'vagina'. Let's have a look
at the iconography referring to the Egyptian Nut and the metaphor of a celestial cow ...


The Egyptian A'akhet could be decomposed into the following Sumerian morphemes :
A-Ah5-Hé-Ed where A - 'genitor/genetrix', 'tears', 'progeny' ; Ahi, Ah5, Á - 'arm',
'wing', 'strength' ; He - 'to mix', 'profusion'; É - 'home', 'temple' ; Ed - 'to emerge',
'to extend', 'go out'. This brings us to semantic issues such as : "Mighty Genetrix
of Manifested Abundance" or "Suffering Power from the [Original] Home" or
"Genetrix in Tears with Outstretched [Protective] Arms". A few other semantic
variations are acceptable. Egyptian iconography suggests that Nut consists of
celestial bodies, especially stars. I dare to consider the possibility that this goddess
is also composed of planets, moons, comets and even debris of an enigmatic,
fragmented celestial sphere ... If one accepts such a metaphor, then Nut's
heartbreaking suffering would have had its cause and effect of cosmic magnitude.
What if we try to draw the veil away from all metaphors ?
Nut ... who was she actually ?


Before seeking a clarification on the possible historical identity of this character,
let us evoke here some terms that are embarrassing for the orthodox scientific
community, as they designate a celestial sphere that today does not exist
in our Solar System. The German astronomers Johann Daniel Titius (or Tietz)
and Johann Elert Bode from the 18th century took the name Phaëton (Φαέθων)
from Greek mythology to designate this planet. Φαέθων means The Brilliant.
For a while, their speculation (Titius-Bode's law) had been criticized, but
today again, even after adding Neptune and speculating on Pluto, it is
regaining increasing interest among a part of the non-indoctrinated
scientific community.


We could do without these ten lines or so that follow, but just observe a very apt example
for Phaëton, to see how we trace an etymological phonetic alternation, have fun.
Since in the ancient Greek language the phoneme πφ pron. [pʰː] is almost identical
with the phoneme φ [pʰ] which will evolve to [f], in our comparative archetymological
analysis its initial non-voiced bilabial occlusion π [p] can be replaced by its initial
voiced bilabial occlusion β [b]. Given that in the Sumerian language the non-voiced
phoneme [f] does not exist, it could legitimately be compared to the voiced
phoneme [v] ... which does not exist there either. But the phoneme [v] can be
legitimately alternated with the phoneme [b] which subsequently can be easily
alternated with the [p], as in the Sumerian word Kapar or Kabar meaning 'shepherd'.
Hence the very plausible transition : the F to the V, the P to the B
and ultimately the alternation F (Ph) - B.


As a reminder, since the vowel O does not exist in the Sumerian vowel system,
it can most often be replaced by U. Thus, the name Phaëton could be decomposed
into Sumerian phonemes in the following way : Ba(4)-É-Útu-Un(u)6. Or else
Ba(4)-Há-Útu-Un(u)6. Thus, Ba = 'divided', 'fragmented', 'bombarded' ;
'the flayed, scaled, vulnerable, bombarded, naked creature'. Ba4 = 'house' ;
Há = 'many'; É = 'home', 'temple'; Útu = 'food with milk'; Unu6 - 'raised sanctuary'.
This leads us to semantic issues such as : "Raised Home [that has been] Stripped
and Quartered [in many pieces]", or "The Flayed [and fragmented] House-Sanctuary
of Milk" or "The Fragmented (or shattered) House of Milk".
Some other semantic variants are possible.


In non-scientific circles related to currents of intuitive speculative thought,
the hypothetical planet Phaeton is also called Meldek or Maldek. It would orbit
the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. The decomposition of these words into
Sumerian morphemes gives us : Mul-Dùg, Mul-Dug, Mul-Tug4 or Mul-Tuk4.
Here, Mul = 'constellation', 'star', 'planet', 'meteor' and also 'glittering', 'luminescent',
'the one that shines' ; Dùg = 'container' ; Dug = 'vagina', 'cool (like spring water
or milk)', 'beautiful' ; Tuk4, Tug4 = 'to tremble', 'to be angry'. This celestial sphere
would thus have been "Shining Planet of Beauty" or "Planet of Light from the Source"
or "Original Nourishing Star" or "Brilliant Planet of Freshness", some other
complementary paraphrases are possible. If one replaces Meldek by Marduk,
as some suggest, one gives up the connotation of feminine polarity in Meldek
to replace it by the bellicose masculine polarity in Marduk and obtain
"Planet of Wrath" or "Brilliant Planet of Trembling". My research leads me to think
that the celestial sphere Meldek carries a large part of original femininity
which is civilizing and therefore peaceful.


Are there other words for the missing planet ? I can't get rid of the temptation
to compact the name Meldek, or even Ma/urduk, into Mel[d]k and therefore Melk,
then into Melt (the alternation between D and T) and also into Melg or Mulg
(the alternation between G and K). This process is universally widespread in
the history of languages and Sumerian is no exception. Well, the Melk thus obtained
is precisely the Dutch Melk, e. i. our English Milk, the German Milch,
the Polish Mlek-o, the Russian Молок-о [moloko]. The Romanian verb Mulge
means 'to milk (a cow)'. This verb comes from the Latin mulgēre - to milk ;
mulgeō - I milk (a cow). The root Melg is found in the Greek verb ἀμέλγω - I milk.
In Sumerian this would give us Mul-Ge. Ge9 = 'anger'. Ge4 = 'to encircle'.
The Ge6 or Gi6 or G̃i6 and its quasi-homophone Mi = 'night', 'dark', 'black'.
It is worth noting here that the homonym of Mi is Mí, meaning 'woman'.
The vocal morpheme bordering Ge, is Ga which means 'milk'. Let us recall
that Gal = 'mighty', 'vessel' and Gal4 = 'vagina/matrix'. Mulge would then
be translated by "Dark Planet/Star", "Planet of Encircling" or
"Planet of the Woman/Women". Some other semantic issues are possible.


Is it by pure chance that in Sumerian, for Ge6, Gi6, G̃i6, Mi and Mí,
the synonym is Dár(a) which means 'to divide/split/fragment', 'to bind' and 'the belt' ?
Moreover, the homonym for Dár(a) is Dar(a)4 which means 'dark'.
The Dal means 'protection'. I'll leave you to meditate on this for a while.


Personally I would not mix Meldek and Marduk (with a possible phonetic
variant [Murduk]), even if the alternation between the liquid consonants L and R
is etymologically possible. However, the idea of death is not far away in this research,
since the name pronounced Murduk could be truncated to become Murd. For our ears,
it is indeed the echo of something shattered, annihilated in our languages of today ...
Let's just compare : Mort in French, Murder in English, Moord in Dutch,
Mord in German and Polish. According to the Babylonian mythology, so after
the civilization of Sumer - the territory originally called Kalam - Marduk is
the greatest of gods, the one who killed the supreme goddess Tiamata.
The Sumerian (and not Akkadian for Babylon) morpheme Mur7 designates the arms,
the neck and the spine. Its quasi-homophone is Mul which, as noted above,
means 'star', 'planet' or 'meteor' and by extrapolation 'debris'.


The great university specialists in Apocryphal and Gnostic literature, which
represents a scriptural body censored and rejected by the Judeo-Christian Church,
provide us with their remarkable, relevant and very interesting linguistic analyses,
offering us interpretations relating to the fields of spirituality, mythology,
philosophy, cosmogony and the history of literature, without daring to speculate
in greater depth on astrological correlations as well as the potential scientific,
and therefore also technological and astronomical origins of all these writings.
This would lead us not to rule out the option that what is recounted in these
documents, is the result of historical events that occurred in a very distant past
counted at least in millions of Earth years. Among these events there would have
been disasters of cosmic magnitude to which the authors of these writings allude.
With regard to a probable explosion of the hypothetical pre-existing planet
in our Solar System, I consider that this catastrophe happened at a relatively
recent moment in the cosmic scale of time and that it would not necessarily
have been noted in these documents. It also seems to me that the explosion
of this planet was induced artificially.


The doubling of the perception of time (and space), also known as the doubling
of time, a universal natural phenomenon masterfully exposed by the scientist
Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet, may help to demonstrate that an additional planet
once existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is possible to calculate
the rate of doubling in any star and, in particular, in our Solar System by taking
the solar radius as a measure of distance and the Earth's day as a measure of time.
This makes it possible to complete and correct the famous Titius-Bode law
regarding the distances of the planets to the Sun.


The Titius-Bode Law :

Mercury Venus Earth Mars ? Jupiter Saturn Uranus
0- 3- 6- 12- 24- 48- 96- 192

If we integrate the distance between Mercury and the Sun,
then we refine the previous approximation, and a table of this following kind is obtained :

Mercury Venus Earth Mars ? Jupiter Saturn Uranus
0 + 4= 4  3 + 4= 7  6 + 4= 10  12 + 4= 16 24 + 4= 28  48 + 52  96 +4= 100 192 + 4= 196

Where there is a question mark, astronomers have hypothesized that a planet once
existed, exploded, and left an asteroid belt in its place (Olbers' hypothesis).
These calculations are provided by Jacques Atlan.


And now, here's a lead that I submit to your discernment.
You are free to see it as a tale, a metaphor, a science fiction sequence of events
or a true story. If we accept the fractal nature of our Universe and the existence
of parallel and simultaneous time lines, then it is not unlikely that what follows
has happened historically, at least on one of those time lines.


* * *


In a distant earthly past, Kalam was originally called Edin, a territory stretching
from the Taurus Mountains (now in Turkey) to the edge of the Persian Gulf.
Much later, this territory will be named Sumer. The land of Kalam was
in competition with the land of Kemet, which one day will be named Egypt.
In fact, Kalam and Kemet were two enemy states. In spite of the striking linguistic,
artistic and cultural divergences that followed, the origin of these two states
is common, since they are linked by the same dynasty belonging to the same
humanoid non-Homo family, specifically of a heterogeneous reptilian strain.
The members of this family were not very numerous and yet there was a rivalry
between them, in accordance with the realities of the third dimension where
the paradigm of duality or paroxysmal polarization is explored.
This rivalry led to the establishment mainly of two opposing clans.


Nammu was an eminent female belonging to this dynasty. At first she had lived
in the land of Kalam for a very long period of time. Much later, she was called Nut
(or Nout) in the country of Kemet. Nammu and Nut are thus two names designating
the same character who first resided in Kalam and then in Kemet. Nammu-Nut was
a scientist, a great specialist in the field of genetics, she had at her disposal
a laboratory with artificial matrices designed for cloning. She worked for Tiamata,
her mother, who was the queen of an empire in another star system of the Milky Way.
For a time Nammu-Nut had assumed the position of ambassadress for her
mother's Crown. Most importantly, Nammu-Nut had obtained the status of
Interstellar Planner for the Solar System, in ancient Greek Κηρύκειο, a term split
into Sumerian morphemes : Kir15 = 'noble', 'civilized' ; Rú (or Dù) = 'to mould',
'to create', 'to erect' ; Ki = 'soil', 'earth' and 'Earth', 'seed' ; Ú = 'food', 'mighty'
or U5 = 'totality', meaning in this context 'Noble Creator [for] the Whole Earth /
the Totality of the Earth'. Some suggest that the Greek term Κηρύκειο
is the origin of the Latin word Caduceus.


In Nammu-Nut's family there were a few other eminent geneticists with whom
she sometimes worked. In Kalam, one of her favourite colleagues was a male
named Enki. The genetic material of his body was partly that of Nammu-Nut.
Long afterwards, in the land of Kemet, Enki was called Asar(i) pron. [wsjr].
This very name Asar was Greekized into Ὄσιρις, thus Osiris. It is a fact :
Enki and Asar (or Osiris) historically designate the same character. In this
whole family, only Nammu-Nut had the status of Planner recognized by
the Interstellar Organization of Planners in the Milky Way.


In the Solar System, the planet MulGi [a name I suggest] orbited the Sun between
Mars and Jupiter. Its frequency could have been higher than that of any of the other
planets and therefore, this planet could have been the most appropriate headquarters
for a group or delegation of Interstellar Planners for the Solar System.
As far as I understand it, these Planners could for example be of avian, feline
and/or amphibian strain. Those who could have been of reptilian strain, were mostly
with the female polarity. Only Nammu-Nut would have been able to visit MulGi
from time to time because of her skills, the edifying results of her work and her own
remarkably high vibratory rate compatible with the vibratory rate of the bodies
of the Planners residing on MulGi. None of the other members of her family would
have been able to withstand the frequency of this planet. As a result, it was
inaccessible to them, despite their very advanced aerospace technology.
It is likely that, moreover, an interstellar law forbade access to this category
of planets to any individual or group of individuals whose vibratory rate
was too low and therefore incompatible.


At one point, Nammu-Nut and Enki-Asar created in tandem a series
of peaceful reptilian humanoids with an acute sense of justice. The most brilliant
specimen for his intellect and wisdom in this lineage was Djehuti-Thoth.
Later in Kemet, these beings were named Shemsu-s and were assigned the role of
defenders of the land of Kemet (Egypt). During his laboratory tests, Enki-Asar
was also the creator of one reptilian clone called Enlíl, whose genetic material
did not belong to the Shemsu lineage, since its vibratory rate proved to be
significantly low. In Kemet, Enlíl will be designated by the name Set
(Seth for French speakers). Enlíl-Set pleased An who was both a geneticist and
political manipulator, the designer of Enki-Asar. In Kemet, An will be designated
by the name Atum-Râ. Helped by Ninmah, a female geneticist but not elevated
to the rank of interstellar planner, An-Atum-Râ was the designer of the lineage
of the Anunna who, on Earth, that is Ki in Sumerian,
will be designated by the name Anunna-Ki.


Long before the arrival of An-Atum-Râ with Enlíl-Set and the army of his Anunna-s,
Nammu-Nut lived and worked on Earth. She had sometimes cooperated with
other interstellar planners in the genetic design of ape and later homo lines.
The Homo Neanderthalensis branch, a lineage whose DNA contained key sequences
for its intense interest in spirituality and respectful contact with nature,
was mainly her own creation.


The genetic concept of Homo Sapiens is partly due to the work of Nammu-Nut,
but Enki-Asar is its main designer. This concept was imposed by An-Atum-Râ
and his right-hand male Enlíl-Set. Enki-Asar and Nammu-Nut worked
under constraint. Homo Sapiens was to be a genetic creation intended to serve
the colonizers represented by the ruling dynasty in the land of Kalam.
The social status of this homo lineage was that of slave with no prospect
for emancipation. In order to make this lineage both more fearful and more docile,
several aberrations had to be encoded and certain DNA sequences had to be broken.
Numerous tests had been carried out. One of the variants had been the parallel
creation of an asexual Homo branch, singularly tamable and helpful.
But Nammu-Nut did not agree, as this retrograde forced work went
against her status of interstellar planner, this status having been defined to trigger,
catalyze and ensure the natural upward direction in the evolution of species
in the Milky Way. Enki-Asar, meanwhile, clandestinely began to disobey.
He began to repair, genetically improve and educate the homo sapiens branch.
When An-Atum-Râ and Enlíl-Set learned what was going on behind their backs,
an unprecedented political crisis erupted. We have a reminiscence of this in
the biblical scene where Adam and Eve are banished from "Paradise".
From then on, Enki-Asar, nicknamed here the Serpent by his opponents,
settled permanently in the land of Kemet (Egypt).


Descended from the same dynasty, these two clans had become very hostile
to each other. Over time, this hostility escalated into bloody belligerent conflicts.
There were fights and wars. The country of Kalam had become the first provocateur,
repeating its armed attacks on the territory of Kemet. The motives for these attacks
were manifold. The existence of gold mines in what is now called Nubia was one
of them, and not the least one. In this context, the presence of the Planners settled
on MulGi was becoming more and more disturbing for An-Atum-Râ and Enlíl-Set,
these Planners being also the guarantors of peace in the Solar System.
The danger for Nammu-Nut's life was becoming more and more tangible.
All this will lead to a cataclysm of cosmic proportions in our Solar System.


In this story, the role of Enlíl-Set is manifest. He is co-responsible for a significant
number of conflicts and disasters. To my understanding, Enlíl-Set is a reincarnation
of one of the densely vibrational members belonging to the lineage of Archons
created by the somber androgynous Yaldabaoth, whose karmic ancestors are
the Adamas who have been active for many, many cycles of time between
our Solar System and the Orion Constellation with its Nebula M42.
(See the article on this subject on the pages FlorRaison).


At one point, Nammu-Nut went to the planet MulGi to consult with the Planners.
And it was at this very moment that Enlíl-Set's space army, with the consent of
An-Atum-Râ, used destructive technology comparable or identical to the one known
by the Adamas and Archons. The planet MulGi was destroyed from within.
Its explosion resulted in the physical manifestation of what we now call
Asteroid Belt. It is very likely that the planet MulGi had a natural satellite
orbiting around it, like the Moon around the Earth. That satellite would have been
the planet Venus. After the destruction of MulGi, Venus would have been ejected
from its orbit and the entire Solar System would have been seriously derailed.
A new trajectory of Venus would not have been defined, stabilized immediately and,
for a time, this planet would have become a real danger, also because it could
have dragged in its temporary tail a portion of the debris of the shattered planet.
It is indeed Venus that could have been assimilated to Phoenix.


Fighting between the two clans had continued. Enki-Asar was murdered by Enlíl-Set.
The body of the deceased was chopped into pieces, so it was shattered.
Like the Planners' Planet, the body of Nammu-Nut was also shattered. A symbol.
It forms a configuration of events which are linked by the law of synchronicity.
It is not unreasonable to think that the bursting of the Planners' Planet took place
briefly before the birth of Heru (or Horus), who is the reincarnation of Enki-Asar.
This explosion could have occurred between 26,000 and 13,000 years ago.
Probably about 19,000 years ago.


* * *


We are going through a period of the end of the doubling of time.
We are at the end of a 25920 year cycle. This means that numerous time lines
are converging. These lines are now unfolding in a kind of tunnel made,
to put it simply, of two conduits, which is consistent with the principle of duality,
this very duality that has become paroxysmal today. These two main time lines
are inevitably converging towards the Zero Point Field. Beyond this point,
a new cycle begins. For the Earth and her Humanity, this new cycle goes
beyond duality. The collective edifying human intuition oriented towards
the future of magnificence characterized by perfect health, universal prosperity
and the sovereignty of the entire Humanity of the Earth reached critical mass
a few years ago. We are in the midst of transformation at all levels of our earthly
existence and in all layers of our understanding of Life. Our DNA is being rebuilt
by reintegrating the invigorating light information from the notes of the fifth,
sixth and seventh cosmic octaves of cooperation and joy, which means that
the carbon template where our DNA was cast, is gradually being replaced
by the crystalline template. This helps to unlock in stages our telepathic abilities
and our cosmic fossil memory encoded and stored in our DNA.


The strengthening of telepathy makes it more and more difficult to lie.
The manipulators know this and are desperately doing everything in our time
to prevent us from communicating telepathically with each other and with beings
existing elsewhere, so that we blindly continue to question ourselves whether
we are alone in the Universe. These manipulators don't want any disclosure.
These manipulators make us dependent on technology without which we cannot
communicate, it seems ... And yet, technology aside, the exchange of information
between units of consciousness evolving in different simultaneous times is becoming
more and more frequent. Appropriate educational and vital information is provided
to us through thought and/or mental imagery at our request. So, the history
of our species is gradually being revealed to us. This history has dark pages,
chapters of drama and suffering. Some revelations may seem improbable
and singularly painful.


It is important to realize that in the Universe there are intelligent beings
with a particularly dense vibratory rate with a very low degree of light transparency.
These beings, regardless of their physical appearance, explore the frequencies
of the ego which are so dense that the inner light of these beings is not reflected.
For reasons of a karmic nature, this exploration can be very long, counted
in a large number of reincarnations and a large number of time cycles
on a cosmic scale. These beings may belong to many humanoid races, taking on
their biological form. They have a visceral need to rival each other and to siphon
energy from beings with a higher vibratory rate. They do this in many ways
such as lying, ridicule, humiliation, aggressiveness, abuse, threat, blackmail.
Some of these beings practice physical violence, torture, cannibalism,
global planetary destruction. They are predators specialized in colonizing
and devitalizing the planets where they reside. The energetic core of all
their actions is invariably anguish. They understand the energy of anguish
because they are afraid. When you decide to stop being afraid and proclaim
your genuine individual sovereignty, you're getting too bright for these beings
and eventually they no longer understand you, because from then on they are
so afraid of you that they will no longer manipulate you, will no longer attack you.
Instead, these beings will lose interest in you. It is important to realize that
on planet Earth, intelligent humanoid predators, including those who
later belong also to the Homo-branch, have been existing for millions of years.
But today everything is changing, because we currently stand immersed
in an unprecedented transition in the space of the Milky Way.


With all this in mind, we are encouraged to relearn to listen to our intuition
and to practice this listening with the purpose to feel if something is false or true.
No one will do this for us. But for us, listening to our intuition is of vital importance.
Without discernment that comes from the core of our intuition, we don't know
who is who, we are reduced to the status of puppets made to be manipulated,
as we have been for hundreds of thousands of years on this beautiful Blue Planet
in this Solar System that once had another configuration.


For a few billion years, until now, the Earth has been the theater where the drama
of Duality was played out. Humanity on this planet is encouraged today to go
beyond duality and ultimately to surpass itself. In the liberating challenge of
broadening the horizons of our understanding, Humanity is today encouraged
to try to understand that DNA is only a vessel and that this vessel can be
manifested in various humanoid physical forms, expressed as diverse
galactic humanoid species. This understanding admits the perspective whereby
we perceive that there is a galactic DNA ecosystem to which we belong.


In its effort to move toward the new reality of perfect health, universal prosperity
and sovereignty for the entire Humankind on Earth, the collective consciousness
of this Humankind has expressed its plea to be assisted by profoundly
compassionate and caring beings living in other realities. Some of these beings
therefore assist Humankind from other time lines and from the brighter levels
which are imperceptible to our five senses, other beings who are friendly,
respectful and very advanced stellar masters, are physically embodied.
Some of these beings are conscious of their galactic spiritual identity and of
their extraterrestrial race membership which is not the one of Homo sapiens,
others are not, but the frequency of their organic bodies contributes
to raising the frequency of planet Earth and that of Humanity.




Around the black core of the Milky Way there is a belt of billions
of precious gemstones. Each of them is a unit of Consciousness.
All these units know that they are connected to each other and that they are
bound together by the same story. All these units are shiny, mirrored, radiant and loving.
Some of these gemstones have heard a request for assistance from an Earth Humanity.
They then transformed themselves into sparks of stars, recognized what happened
to their sisters who are alive and suffering in the Asteroid Belt in the Solar System,
consoled and healed them, and with some of them came down to Earth.
Thus, the future of the Earthly Humanity becomes sovereign
and strengthened by its own crystalline magnificence.


Irénée Sikora, FlorRaison 2020.

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